About Notary Academy

about Notary Academy

An indispensable training program for notaries of all levels of experience.

With over 20 years of expertise, Notary Academy continues to offer education to commissioned notaries in Arizona and anyone training to become a AZ notary. Why after becoming a notary? It’s simple: Education is never-ending, and that includes your notary education.

There are dozens of companies that support notary training, but not many that are dedicated to notary expertise once they’ve received their commission. That’s what we’re here for.

We provide an opportunity for notaries to increase their knowledge of notarial law, rules, and regulations via online training as well as opportunities to get their questions answered via our Lifeline Services.

Meet our Founders

Kimberly Sennett

Kimberly Sennett


Kimberly Sennett is the owner and co-founder of Notary Academy. She co-founded the business in 2020 after she saw a growing need for training for California Notaries. As the California ambassador to Loan Signing System, she mentors over 4000 notaries in the state.

Additionally, Kim through her private signing business and her National signing service, Seal the Deal, LLC, has completed over 10,000 loan signings. Kim has a passion for helping others and through Notary Academy, she loves to pay it forward and see signing agents and notaries achieve excellence in all they do.

Lara Tessadri

Lara Tessadri


TOP INDUSTRY PROFESSIONAL Lara Tessadri has been a leader in the industry for over 20 years.

Lara got her start as a Mortgage Loan Processor and Loan Originator in 2001 and has subsequently emerged as one of Northern California’s most detailed and sought-after Loan Signing Agents.

Lara is currently the Loan Signing System Ambassador for Northern California and owns and operates a highly successful nationwide signing service, NotaryZoom Signings and co-owns the groundbreaking Notary Academy. Additionally, Lara has been a member of the National Notary Association and has held a California Notary Commission since 2008.

Meet our Advisors

Irene Rueda Notary Academy Arizona

Irene Rueda

Irene Rueda is a notary closing partner for many local and national title companies. As a bilingual notary that started in 2018, she has become a leader in the notary industry.

In 2021, she had the honor of being a panelist speaker at the National Loan Signing System Conference in Las Vegas.

In 2022, she was chosen as the Notary Loan Signing Agent of the Year by the Loan Signing System.

As a current board member for the Hispanic Association of Real Estate Professionals, she strives to help out the Latino community in educating them about homeownership.

She started a local signing service in 2020 and turned it into a national signing service in 2021.

Her passion is to help notaries succeed in this industry and has helped countless of notaries achieve financial freedom.

Kayla Bieber

Kayla Bieber

Kayla Bieber has been a notary since August of 2020 and is the owner of a Nationwide Signing Service out of Phoenix, Arizona called Elite Signature Group. Kayla has shared her journey of becoming a notary signing agent with thousands of people on social media, encouraging hundreds of others to begin their career as notaries as well. Kayla has a passion for educating and helping others to be well educated notaries through her social media, Arizona Notary Meetups, one-on-one mentoring and now through Notary Academy.

What people are saying

There isn't any real formal training in Arizona. Notary Academy has become a complete savior! They have helped me to understand my AZ notary laws and how to be the most successful notary I can be!
Monica Brown
"This mentorship/ training is exactly what I needed! It has been my life saver. I know for a fact I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for them. Their devotion to help others is priceless."
Julie Joy