Lifeline Services

There isn't any real formal training in Arizona. Notary Academy has become a complete savior! They have helped me to understand my AZ notary laws and how to be the most successful notary I can be!
Monica Brown
"This mentorship/ training is exactly what I needed! It has been my life saver. I know for a fact I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for them. Their devotion to help others is priceless."
Julie Joy

This is the Notary Academy customer support line that provides real-time answers to your notary questions.

Our Lifeline Services is just that — your lifeline for all things notary. When you become a member of Notary Academy, you have the opportunity to reach out to our experts for help in real time while you’re notarizing!

If you have a late signing or need one at the break of dawn, we’re here for you! Need help identifying someone or have a question about a document that needs to be answered before you can proceed? Use our Lifeline Services. When you need us the most, we will be there to answer your call.

"Members love this service! They get the opportunity to ask notary-related questions, discuss different scenarios, and network to grow their business."
— Kimberly Sennett
Co-owner of Notary Academy
Notary Academy customer support
Notary Academy customer support